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The best quality- the lowest price

About us

Our company produces coiled straw archery targets—in the shape of a snail shell. They are made of a high quality rye straw, which is specially cleaned beforehand, and hand-sewn into so called, snail shape. Very good quality of our products is ensured by the dense binding and concatenating of coils. As a result, our mats do not disintegrate so fast as well as they remain rigid and solid. We are distinguished by our manufacturing solidity as well as customer satisfaction.

Straw targets, when compared to the foam archery targets, do not damage your arrows—it is easy to pull them out. You can also easily transport them in a passenger car. The proper use, especially avoiding any moisture (rain, dew, snow, etc.),will allow you to enjoy the product for several seasons. Even if it gives out, its reprocessing is not a problem as material (straw) used for its manufacturing is ecological and safe for both environment and people.

More about us

We offer


  • High quality of our products
  • Robust design
  • Dense and solid binding and concatenating of coils
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Au courant production ensuring freshness of our products
  • Storing our archery targets in a dry place away from any moisture
  • Fast time of order completion, even in case of big orders
  • We make out invoices

A wide selection of products

  • Several types of standard archery targets
  • Different sizes on the customer request
  • Precise correspondence between the products and their description, and photos
  • Targets’ painting
  • Several distribution channels

The lowest price

  • The lowest price on the market is guaranteed
  • IAn individual approach to each client
  • Negotiable prices
  • Buying products directly from a legitimate producer—without any intermediaries
  • A cheap and immediate delivery
  • Possibility to collect products personally